Grand Canyon Airplane Tours

There are several ways that you can visit the magnificent Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona by air. You can take a Grand Canyon flight from Las Vegas and not only see a good part of the Grand Canyon within the comfort of a small plane, but you can also see other sights in the area such as Hoover Dam and Las Vegas, which is opulently lit up even during the day. The contrast between the man made opulence of Las Vegas and the natural splendor of the Grand Canyon is something to behold in a day and a Grand Canyon flight makes this possible.

Another way to take a more intimate Grand Canyon flight is by helicopter. A helicopter can take you not just over the Grand Canyon, but in the giant gorge and can land in the valley. Many people long to explore the valley of the Grand Canyon but lack the fortitude to venture down the trails by mules or by foot. In such a case, the helicopter is the best option for your Grand Canyon flight.

There are Grand Canyon air tours available for almost every budget. From a private plane that can take you and a party of friends over the view of the Grand Canyon, to the helicopter rides offered at the Southern Rim, there are plenty of opportunities to see the Grand Canyon by air. And as anyone who has ever participated in such an excursion will tell you, the only way to really see this natural wonder is by air.

If you take a Grand Canyon flight from the southern rim, you may be able to land inside the valley of the gorge where you can explore some of the buildings that have been inside the gorge for the past one hundred years. Although the Grand Canyon is more than six million years old, it was only discovered by tourists over the last 100 years. President Theodore Roosevelt was largely responsible for preserving the integrity of the Grand Canyon which was once considered holy ground by early Native Americans. Roosevelt used to hunt and fish in the Grand Canyon and was responsible for making the Grand Canyon the tourist attraction it is today.

You can also take a Grand Canyon flight over the Northern rim, which is less popular with tourists but offers more color. There are hundreds of plateaus all over the Grand Canyon that can be explored and are best viewed by air.