Grand Canyon Bus Tours

The Grand Canyon is very vast. It consists of 277 miles and it can be difficult to find the best lookout points to see the best scenery unless you know your way around. One way to really get a great tour of the outer rim of the Grand Canyon is by taking a Grand Canyon bus tour.

A Grand Canyon bus tour can take your from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon or pick you up from your hotel near the Grand Canyon for a short day trip. No matter how you want to see the Grand Canyon, you can find the best options of the rim of the canyon by taking a Grand Canyon bus tour.

One of the best parts of the canyon to visit is the Southern Rim. This is where there is the most scenery. One of the nicest things about taking a Grand Canyon bus tour is that you can stop at the Southern Rim and get out and stretch your legs. This is particularly important if you are taking the Grand Canyon bus tour from Las Vegas.

Some of the buildings and points of interest along the Southern Rim include Lookout Studio which was designed by Mary Colter. Here you can find photography, artwork and souvenirs, including fossels that came from the canyon. Lookout Studio also offers a magnificent view of the Grand Canyon from the Southern Rim and was built in 1914.

Another building you may want to also discover is the old Desert View Watchtower that sits at the bottom of the canyon. This is something that everyone who tours the bottom of the canyon at the Southern Rim should see as it was originally built to look like an Anasazi watchtower.

During your Grand Canyon bus tour, you can also see the Grand Canyon Railway Depot which has the only log cabin style stations in the United States. The depot was built in 1909 and still maintains rustic historical architecture.

Taking a Grand Canyon bus tour is the best way to be able to see all of the most popular points of interest around the rather large Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona without worrying about traffic or getting lost. As the Grand Canyon is so large, it can be easy to take the wrong road and get lost while trying to see points of interest. A bus tour will not only take you to the right places, but will also allow you to get out, take photographs and let your know a bit of the history about each scenic spot. Best of all, you do not have to worry about driving. You can take your time to relax and watch the scenery go by.

Whether you are taking a Grand Canyon bus tour from Las Vegas, or a local tour offered by hotels around the Grand Canyon, this is the best way to make sure that you see all of the points of interest offered by this magnificent natural wonder. If you have never before visited the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, a guided tour is really the only way to see everything.