Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours of the Grand Canyon

If you are seeking a sightseeing tour, there is no better way to see the Grand Canyon than by helicopter. The Grand Canyon has been a focal point of tourism for nearly one hundred years, but only until recently were helicopter tours offered that were affordable.

Those who have never traveled in a helicopter will have the added excitement of riding in one of these flying vehicles as well as the scenic opportunity of seeing the entire Grand Canyon National Park. Depending on what type of tour you decide to book will determine how much of the canyon that you see and from which point. In any way, you will see more by helicopter than you would be able to by bus or car.

If you are seeking the perfect sightseeing vacation, there is nothing more spectacular than the Grand Canyon. This sight is something that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. The best way to experience the Grand Canyon National Park and behold all of its wonders is by taking a helicopter tour.

Helicopter Tours of Las Vegas

Helicopter tours of Las Vegas are safe and priced for just about every budget. There is no better way to see Las Vegas or the surrounding beauty of Nevada than by taking a helicopter tour. And this is the ideal way to discover new hotels that you may otherwise have overlooked. Perhaps, the next time you book your trip to Las Vegas, you may decide to stay in one of the new hotels that you spot during your helicopter trip.

In addition to seeing the sights of Las Vegas, you can also see the sights of the magnificent Hoover Dam by taking a Las Vegas helicopter tour. Hoover Dam is only 48 miles away from Las Vegas and easily accessible by helicopter. Hoover Dam is best seen by the air and here you can see the border between Nevada and Arizona, as well as the time change difference. At Hoover Dam, you can actually experience the time change between the Pacific time and Mountain time change.

No matter what type of Las Vegas helicopter tour you want to take, you can find one that will be exciting and fun to enjoy.