Las Vegas Bus Tours

One way to see both the city of Las Vegas as well as the Las Vegas strip and make sure that you do not miss any of the sites is by taking a Las Vegas bus tour. In addition to gambling and entertainment, there is much history in the city of Las Vegas. And the best way to see all of the large city is by taking a Las Vegas bus tour.

A Las Vegas bus tour is usually inexpensive and will take you through the strip as well as the city of Las Vegas. Because Hoover Dam is only 48 miles away, many Las Vegas bus tours also include this scenic view as part of the tour.

Hoover Dam is something that everyone should see once in their lifetime and because of the close proximity to Las Vegas, it is something that is easily accomplished by a Las Vegas sightseeing bus tour. At Hoover Dam, you can not only stand on the border of Arizona and Nevada, but you can also stand on the timeline that separates Mountain Time and Pacific Time. Since 1930, Hoover Dam, which has also been called Boulder Dam, but experienced a name change in honor of President Herbert Hoover, has been one of the most interesting man made wonders in the United States.

Las Vegas is a fabulous city for gambling and entertainment, but there is a quality of history to the city as well and beauty to the surrounding area that is both natural and man made. There is no better way to explore the city of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas than by bus.

Because of the economy involved by taking a Las Vegas bus tour, it is also a great way to see everything that the city has to offer. Many people visit Las Vegas and only go to the city or to the strip. Some people stay at the same casino hotel each time they visit the city. There are others who visit Las Vegas every year but have never seen the actual city and concentrated on the strip. Still others have never seen the historical buildings and aspects of the town.

Visit Hoover Dam when you go to Las Vegas. Make sure that you see the sights of the city as well as the strip. And make sure that you see all of the historical aspects of Las Vegas and in such a case, explore the museums and buildings.

After you have taken your Las Vegas bus tour, you will have a better understanding about the city and outskirts of Las Vegas. You may even decide to stay in a different hotel or try a different restaurant or brand of entertainment on your next trip.

There are many different types of bus tours that you can take when you visit Las Vegas. Whether you wish to just take a quick tour of the city and learn something about the history, or visit Hoover Dam, there is something for you and your budget.